Rent your mobile home in Sarlat

  • location mobil home dordogne
    Mobile-home B 21m
    2 rooms4 people21m²
  • exterieur mobil home sarlat
    Mobile-home A 27m
    2 rooms4/6 people27m²
  • mobil home camping sarlat
    Mobile-home Luxe 27m²
    2 rooms4/5 people27m²
  • entree mobil home dordogne
    Mobile-home T 32m²
    3 rooms4/6 people32m²
  • mobil home terrasse domme
    Mobile-home Premium 33m²
    2 rooms4 people33m²

Our range of mobile homes in Domme

Our camping Sarlat on the edge of the Dordogne has 5 ranges of mobile homes which differ according to the size of each, from the smallest for 4 people to the largestq for 6 people. The comfort on vacation has all its importance. That’s why each of our mobile homes in Domme has its own speciality which allows each of you to find the one you like.

Are you looking for a small mobile home just to sleep for maximum 4 people?
Choose our bungalow 21 m² with 2 bedrooms. Ideal for people who are restless and just want a place to sleep.

Looking for a bungalow that’s a little larger and comfortable for 4 to 5 people?
Choose our mobile home 27 sqm with 2 bedrooms. Ideal for families who want as much space as they do to enjoy the campsite and visit the surrounding area.

Do you like this size but are looking for more services for your vacation?
Choose our mobil-home 27 m² luxury with 2 bedrooms. Ideal for couples with young children as there is room for a cot in the master bedroom. In this mobile home you will also find a television and a dishwasher to have more comfort.

Are you a large family or a group of friends of up to 6 people?
Choose our 32 m² bungalow with 3 bedrooms, ideal for large families or families with children who each want their own rooms. In addition this year, we are adding television to this range of mobile homes.

Are you 2 couples of friends or a family of 4 and want more than one bathroom and toilet?
Choose our premium 33 sqm mobile home with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, TV and dishwasher.

Our rental options near Sarlat

You can add many options to your reservation to enjoy your vacation even more.

Are you a large family or a group?
Consider taking the additional car option for your mobile home rental in Domme.

If you want to travel light, you can reserve your single, double or 1 set of towels (1 small and 1 large). On vacation, you don’t want to bother carrying a cot and a baby chair, you can add them as an option together or separately.

Your baby has grown up and doesn’t want to share their parents’ bungalow anymore?
Get the additional tent option and he can pitch his tent next to your mobile home.

Don’t want to clean up the day you leave?
No worries take the housekeeping package. You can add it to your stay at any time, so don’t worry about it.

Our animal friends are not accepted in our rentals.
All of these options are designed to help you enjoy your vacation even more and spend it in peace. And for even more choice, we suggest you come with your own tent, caravan or motorhome by renting one of our
pitches with or without private sanitary facilities.