Visit Sarlat in Dordogne

What to see in Sarlat ?

Sarlat is the capital of the Périgord Noir. It has many historical, cultural and gastronomic visits. This medieval town hosts many heritage listed buildings in its heart.

You can observe in Sarlat many statues scattered throughout the city. The place des oies is a wonderful example of this. It is a square in the center of Sarlat with a contemporary sculpture of the three of these birds in the middle of a typical Sarlat architecture.

The Church of St. Mary is a magnificent Gothic church that today serves as a covered market. It has 2 gigantic iron doors at its entrance. This church hides a panoramic in its heart that gives a impressive view of the city. The elevator is hidden in this church so as not to distort the medieval city which is classified.

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What to do in Sarlat in Dordogne ?

The town of Sarlat has a historic center that is quite extensive. The tourism office will be happy to explain all the possible visits to make in this beautiful city. Nevertheless, we have selected a sample of visits that we think are a must.

In the historic center, you can visit the St. Sacerdos Cathedral which has been classified as a historic monument since 1840. It is a Romanesque type cathedral that has the title of co-cathedral because it houses part of the diocese of Périgueux.

In the center of Sarlat, you can visit the Manoir Gisson which is in the center of the medieval city. This manor is a reflection of the Sarlatan bourgeois life of the XIIIᵉ century. You can visit the presidential rooms of the Gisson family who, over the centuries, were consul, royal notary, knight of the Order of Saint Louis, Captain of Dragons… In this manor, there is also the possibility of visiting a cabinet of curiosities from the explorations of the 17th and 18th centuries.

After this day of discovering Sarlat, its gastronomy and its history find your rental at the Sarlat campsite to relax before heading back to visit the other must-see towns like Domme.

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The campsite near Sarlat

Le Perpetuum campsite is located only 8 km from Sarlat. So you can rent a pitch or a rental near Sarlat to be able to visit this beautiful city while enjoying the calm of the campsite in Sarlat.